Pay Per Click

(PPC) Management

Pay per click advertising is a great way to get instant traffic to your website. The advertising console allows for a lot of customisation allowing you to pick what traffic you want to bring to the site.

The key to PPC success

is to target traffic that converts

The difference between a good PPC campaign and a bad PPC campaign is the manager. Bad management of the campaign can lead to money being thrown down the drain. Paying for a ton of traffic that doesn’t pay you back. A good manager will find out what traffic won’t do that and target the right traffic. The Google Ads console has many features that allow you to change who you target.

In addition to having a great PPC account manager (like me). A focussed landing is also really helpful to create a successful advert. A landing page can reduce the cost of the advertisement, whilst turning over more conversions at the same time. I consider them to be so pivotal and effective, that I offer them as apart of all of my packages for completely free!

Affordable Pricing

You’ve reached the pricing. Bear in mind, additional campaigns are £100pm each.

Set Up Cost


Only once

free for additional campaigns

PPC Management Package



For 3 Campaigns. Additional Campaigns £100pm.

Landing Pages



Yeah… Totally free.