Freelance Property Photographer & Videographer

Professional Property Photography and Videography designed to substantially increase your chances of finding a buyer or letting your property. 

Seaside Sizzle
Seaside Sizzle Interior
Sandbanks Shot
Seaside Sizzle Exterior

Aerial Photographer & Videographer

Aerial Photography & Videography gives a unique perspective to your property. It also is a great way to show the surrounding landscape which is a big factor to buyers when making a decision

We are fully insured and certified from the CAA with a PFCO.


Ground Photography & Videography

Whether you’re looking for a video or photography to show off your property, we can help. Capturing all of the most flattering angles of a property to maximise buyer interest.

With high-quality cameras and stabilised footage. You can be assured of a professional-looking product

Photo Editing

Photo & Video Editing

Our professional Photo & Video Editors will take our great photos and add additional vibrance to them. Making certain colours stand out in all of the right places.

We can edit the footage in such a way that blends two shots together to give any sort of feel that would attract the right audience.

Why us?

We understand that there are a lot of photographers, drone pilots and videographers out there able to produce outstanding shots; and although we feel that our work is top-notch we also believe that we are the best suited in regards to helping you either let your property, or sell it. 

Why? Because as well as Photographers and Videographers, we also have a team of Digital Marketers. At the heart of everything we do we bear the end result in mind; and we're not just talking about great flattering photos we're talking about getting your property the viewings you're looking for. This philosophy is in the minds of our videographers, photographers and the rest of the team that you might be using for whatever project you have to throw at us. 

How many other Property Photographers can say that? 

Are you fully insured and able to fly a drone commercially?

We are indeed. We have both the insurance needed to fly as well as shoot from the ground and are fully certified from the CAA with a PFAW allowing us to fly commercially. 

A PFAW is no easy task to gain. You first need to complete a written exam, then complete your very own Operations Manual and finally pass a practical exam. So trust us when we say that we can work a drone perfectly to capture the best shots!  

Can I pick and choose which services I want?

Absolutely, we can offer full packages that incorporate everything or just offer single services on their own. We are more than happy to work with any other photographers or agencies that you pair us with. 

We only ask that you allow us to use any work that we produce in our portfolio. No worries if not though, we will be happy to work with you either way! 


Why don't I just take pictures on my own?

If you have got the equipment and the know-how to produce great shots that are proven to sell or let properties then go-ahead.

Most of the time some sellers or real estate agents feel that they can manage it on their own, but we find a lot of the time this isn't the case. The shots they produce are basic, not very flattering, and sometimes even have a negative impact with potential buyers or renters. Sometimes it's not worth the risk but it also depends how you want your brand to be perceived as a real estate agent. There's nothing worse than a real estate agent's website filled with low quality property photography. 

Our Work

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