Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

For many, search engine optimisation is the lifeblood of their company. Ranking highly on search engines can bring millions of targetted website visits per month. These then convert in new customers and subsequently an increased revenue.

It takes time to rank highly

So we best get started! SEO can take months until its effects are seen. Let’s have a chat and find the right package for you and get cracking.


You may think your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is working. Maybe you’re ranking for the search term you’ve always wanted and it’s bringing in a good number of enquiries, but are you aware of any of the other search terms people may be using to find you? Well I can find out, and not only find out, I can get you to show for those search terms.

Alternatively, you may find that your website isn’t ranking for anything! The good news is, you should see some faster progress! The bad news is the end goal may be a bit further away.

Regardless of whether you’re a new company or a matured company, my job is to identify areas of improvement in your SEO and work on them to improve your bottom line. The more competitive the search terms you’re targetting, the more difficult and technical my job becomes. Each package is priced based on the amount of time required for me to do what’s necessary to boost your rankings.

All Packages Include the following...

Baseline Audit

and Monthly Reporting

First, I’ll need to analyse where the weaknesses to the website are and create a report detailing how I’ll make improvements.

Link Building

Link Building is a hugely time consuming and effective method to rank websites higher on search engines.

Monthly Reporting

Every month you’ll receive a report of the progress that is being made on the site, on top of regular contact with me.

Citation Building

Citation building helps websites rank well for local SEO. This includes map listings as well as local search terms.

On-Site Optimisation

The on-site optimisation is the foundation that is built upon to rank your website highly. If your on-site optimisation is flawed from the get-go, then your website is doomed.

Rank Tracking

Tracking your rankings is how we can monitor that your SEO is working, and that you website is becoming more and more visible on search engines.

Affordable Pricing

As you can see, all of my packages contain all of the features needed in order to rank your website highly on search engines. I don’t believe that any SEO package should hold back on features.

Low Competition



Want to rank in the immediate local area with not many competitors?

Medium Competition



For most businesses in an averagely busy market in the local area.

High Competition



To rank highly for competitive search phrases in a busy area.

My pricing is based on how many of these features you need every month, to get you where you want to be. If you are in need of a high competition package but have decided to take out a medium competition package, you may find that your competitors are outranking you because they’re achieving the right level of work consistently each month. If you’re unsure, ask me to run an audit on your site and I’ll advise the best package for you.

It is worth noting, the more work I carry out on the site, the faster it will be for you to hit your goals.

My SEO Case Studies

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The Features

On-Site SEO

Make Your Website Healthy

Search Engines want to give users a website with an abundance of information on it. They also will be looking for websites that load fast, scale to the user’s screen size (Called a responsive website).

My on-site Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) work entails:

  • Website Speed Optimisation
  • Content Optimisation
  • Internal Linking Analysis
  • Meta Data Optimisation
  • Crawlability Optimisation

I’ll also proactively search for any issues that your site may have whilst work on your site.

Citation Building

Get Mentions On The Web, The Right Way

Citation Building is effectively obtaining mentions around the web of your brand name, address and phone number, usually referred to as ‘NAP Details’. You may be wondering why these three details mean so much to search engines. Simply put, search engines feel more confident that your details are correct when other websites are referring to you with the exact same details. Correct details, means you deserve to rank higher.

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Link Building Graph on an iPad
Link Building

What Sets You Apart From The Rest

Link building is where the real competition takes place. Anyone can have an optimised website. So what would the determining factor be between two websites with 100% on-site optimisation? Link building. This is where a large majority of my work-time is focussed. Simply put, obtaining links from other websites back to your website ranks you higher. Sounds simple? Nope, you can’t just get any website linking to your website. You need to have the right links (and a few other things). For more information, check out my article ‘What is link building?’