Freelance Project Manager

Focus on what you’re good at while I manage the client. 

Full Project Management Services

A fully in-depth account management service, where your clients can have direct, whitelabelled access to my mobile. 

Project Management

Account Management


Full Availability

Account Management

I can manage and liaise with your client’s on your behalf and under your own brand. 

This is great, because with good account management you can expect a good client-business relationship which over the long-term can lead to more business and a better all-round experience. 

I am happy to meet the client’s in person (again, under your brand) and will keep up-to-date on all of the work that the client has approached you for. 


Project Mangement

If you would like me to play a more behind the scenes role and focus on keeping the gears turning on certain marketing projects then I’d be happy to manage projects for you on a freelance basis. 

I have plenty of experience in managing projects considering I manage the marketing projects that I conduct for my clients, including the ones that my team work on. As well as for my client’s clients when I am operating under their brand. 



Whenever I work for agencies I tend to go under the assumption that I am working under their brand. This means that I will fully represent your brand whenever liaising with your clients. You can set me up with my very own email account on your domain and although it hasn’t happened yet, I’d even be happy to wear a uniform when meeting the client  (30W 32L) (Size M)… Joking (kinda). 

All of my reporting can also be whitelabelled. I’m totally flexible around you. 


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