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I understand a lot of the pinch-points for agencies, and ensured I built the skills and team to overcome them.
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Common Issues Agencies Face

Tracking Issues

I get this one a lot! Tracking can be a massive issue and if the campaign is live, then fixing the tracking should be a priority. 

I work with all types of tracking and usually deploy almost every tracking tag through Google Tag Manager (GTM).  

PPC Optimisation

PPC is a tricky one! Agencies sometimes reach their limits in their knowledge of the PPC dynamic that they struggle to bring in additional conversions. This is where they come to me to give PPC campaigns a quick boost in performance. 

technical SEO Updates

Rendering issues, website speed optimisation and other technical updates is what keeps me going! If you’re experiencing any of these issues then I can help! 

Video and Photography

This one is not personally conducted by me, but I have a great team around me that can put together some awesome videos. Take a lot at our last one:

Outsource your video and photography to us!

Website Design
A website obviously comes in all varying shapes, sizes, and budgets. From Drag and Drops on Squarespace and Wix, to custom-built sites from scratch on WordPress.

We can build websites to meet any budget of £500 +. Just let me know what you want and I’ll get a quote over to you.

Account Management

Sometimes I find that agencies come to me because they have had a surge of one-off work that can’t warrant bringing in a new employee for. This is a perfect reason to hire a freelancer like me! I can do full account management and some agencies even give me my own email address if they want me to be client-facing.  

Link Building Campaigns

Link building is without doubt the most time-consuming part of SEO, and arguably the most tricky! I get a lot of outsourced link-building campaigns sent my way, usually for me to strategise and execute. 


I can conduct content, keyword, competitor analysis (and probably a lot more). I put these into a report and send them over to you. This should help detail next steps, but I’m more than happy to put in a few free pointers on how I would act on the data. 

Graphic/Logo Design

I’m not the creative type personally, but I have built a team of creatives around me to fill in the gaps in my knowledge. They can put together awesome looking Logos and graphics for you to show your clients. 

My team are experts are creativity. This includes creating content to sell a product, ad copy, rank highly on search engines or even just set the perfect tone of voice.

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