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Using the right tone of voice to reflect your brand is important, as is ensuring that you convey your message effectively.  

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Copywriting isn’t just writing words on paper (or a computer screen for that matter). Copywriting consists of research, grammatical knowledge, tone of voice as well as a genuine skill in convey a message effectively. In many cases, it is pivotal to where you rank on Google, or whether your product/service sells. 

Content Research

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SEO Friendly

Search Engines (Google Especially) are good at understanding content from a near human-like perspective. This means their algorithms don’t just match the density of keywords to the search term (although there is an algorithm called TF-IDF which is a factor), but their machine learning also allows the search engine to understand the content and its relevance to helping the user find the answers they’re looking for. 


It is difficult to write about a product or service that you’re not familiar with. That’s why content research is so important. 

Not only does this research help hit the right notes within the content, but it also allows the perfect message to be conveyed thus leading to more sales. This is achieved by understanding unique selling points within products or services that can only be identified through researching that product or service. 


Tone Of Voice

Tone of voice is one of those subliminal things that makes a big impact. 

If you offer a service that hinges on personal relationships then you will want a very human-like, personal tone of voice. If you are offering a professional service and aim to impress some big-deal clients, then you may want to take a more professional tone of voice that expresses your knowledge in certain complexities that you are great at overcoming. 


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