Graphic Design Freelancer

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Graphic Designers

As you might be able to tell, we love flat designs; but we can design anything you’re looking for. From logos to printable items like letterheads and business cards. 

 With years of experience and a lot of diversity in our work, we can make great-looking and functional designs tailored to achieve their goals in the most effective way.

Logo Designers

Branding is incredibly important. So therefore it’s important that you get it done right. The right logo can stay with you for years and become instantly recognisable when delivered in the best way. That’s why you don’t want to cut corners and ensure you get an icon that can easily translate to where ever you want to present it. 

Having the right logo, brand colours and other design elements in line with the right tone of voice with your online presence can have a massive impact on how people perceive your brand; and this perception is one of the immutable laws of marketing.   

Designs we’ve worked on

Take a look at the sort of work that we can conduct!

Logo Design

Graphic Design

Content Design

Our Process

We aim for a turnaround time of 2 weeks with all of our projects, which come with one round of amendments (more can be accommodated for depending on the project). If we were to break it down, our process would look a little like this: 

1. Brief 

2. Initial Designs

3. Amendments

4. Finalising and File Export/Transfer 

Due to the nature of the projects we find it is easier to quote on a project-by-project basis based solely around your needs. 

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