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SEO Services

On-Site SEO

I am experienced with technical knowledge of on-site SEO factors. From methods to reduce page weight, improve rendering times and ideal metadata to give websites the best chance of ranking. I can cover it all and have experience with a range of different CMS’s.

Meta Data Changes

I can conduct in-depth keyword research to map out the ideal website structure and assign the best Metadata phrases to both boost Search Engine Rankings and improve click through rates. 

Content Analysis and Strategy

I can put together an in-depth content analysis and make relevant adjustments to get a piece of content from the depths of page 2 or beyond back onto the surface of page 1. 

Page Weight Reduction

Since mobile first indexing search engines prioritise user experience on mobile devices. This includes loading times and the amount of data needed to load a webpage. In most cases I can reduce a website’s page weight to as low as possible to ensure pages load and render effectively.

Responsive Conversions

Having a website that displays properly across a range of devices is so important. I can convert any non-responsive website to a responsive site to ensure that users can navigate and read the content, no matter which device they use to view your website. 

Reporting & Tracking

I can set up in-depth tracking to report on virtually anything on your digital campaigns. Additionally, I can translate this tracked data into a report using Google Data Studio and am capable of learning additional reporting tools if you need me to. 

I use SEMRush too, so am able to tracking rankings on websites. 


Off-Site SEO

I understand and have plenty of experience in off-site SEO factors that affect where search engines rank websites. From Link Building intersections, citation building and even building tier link building networks, I have experienced it all and can develop unique strategies.  

Citation Building

I can build citations to your chosen website in an effort to boost your local business listings. Mainly for the Snack Pack (The Google Maps Listing). 

Link Building

I believe that white-hat link building is the way to go. I also believe that manual outreach is not an ideal use of time and resources in an effort to bid links. I therefore get creative with my link building strategies to build white hat links, but in larger bulk than a manual outreach strategy could achieve.

Google Business Listing Optimisation
I can fully set up Google Business Listings from scratch but also am aware of the best practices that Google Business Listings must adhere to. Therefore, I can optimise any Business Listings that are already live.
Social Signals

By leveraging my skills with social media I can generate social signals to further help a website’s optimisation for search engines.  

Website Redesign

Citation and Link Building Case Study

Take a look at a quick case study I put together for one of my clients. 


Website Development

Organic Link Building Case Study

Insurance is a tricky industry to build links for; but nothing I can’t handle! Take a look at how I developed a strategy that lead to hundreds of white-hat links to be generated from genuine businesses websites. 

The Features 

Make Your Website Healthy

Search Engines want to give users a website with an abundance of information on it. They also will be looking for websites that load fast, scale to the user’s screen size (Called a responsive website).

My on-site Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) work entails:

  • Website Speed Optimisation
  • Content Optimisation
  • Internal Linking Analysis
  • Meta Data Optimisation
  • Crawlability Optimisation

I’ll also proactively search for any issues that your site may have whilst working on your site.


Citation Building

Citation Building is effectively obtaining mentions around the web of your brand name, address and phone number, usually referred to as ‘NAP Details’. You may be wondering why these three details mean so much to search engines. Simply put, search engines feel more confident that your details are correct when other websites are referring to you with the exact same details. Correct details, means you deserve to rank higher.


Building Links, Setting you ApArt from the competiton

Link building is where the real competition takes place. Anyone can have an optimised website. So what would the determining factor be between two websites with 100% on-site optimisation? Link building. This is where a large majority of my work-time is focussed. Simply put, obtaining links from other websites back to your website ranks you higher. Sounds simple? Nope, you can’t just get any website linking to your website. You need to have the right links (and a few other things).

Build an Online Campaign

Building an online campaign requires a holistic approach. Identifying the problems that my clients face and creating a campaign that takes into account all relevant possible solutions is what I pride myself on. 

Using a combination of my talents in Social Media, PPC and SEO as well as utilising the team I have built around me, means that no option is out of reach to ensure that my client’s goals are accomplished. This hands free approach allows my marketing agency clients, to sleep easy knowing that their client’s full marketing is taken care of.