Tracking and Analytics

Tracking is arguably one of the most important factors of a marketing campaign; after all, how would you know if it’s working with out it?

Analytics Specialist

I can go further than your standard Google Analytics Installation. If you want custom events tracking, or certain filtering in your analytics then I am your guy.  

Google Analytics

Google Tag Manager

Facebook Pixel

Google Data Studio

Google Ads

Social Tracking

Custom Tracking

We can set up certain cookie tracking deployed via GTM to feedback data based on whatever you want to track. 

Tracking Troubleshooting

There’s nothing more frustrating then setting up your tracking but it’s not logging in the Dashboard. Quick tip: clear your cache… If that doesn’t work, get in touch! 


We can set up a custom report in Data Studio allowing for live analytics to be consolidated and presented in a good-looking report. 

Google Tag Manager

I find Google Tag Manager the best tool to use when deploying various tracking tags. It allows for extra modification of the Analytics Tag and makes deployment of the tags easier than updating lines of code on websites. 

My experience with Google Tag Manager ranges. I have conducted in-depth customisation for Google Analytics, installing certain cookies into user's browsers triggered on specific pages, and then filtering this cookie from certain views in Google Analytics. 

I have also deployed in-depth tracking of transactions for a PPC campaign to be fed into the Ads data via GTM too. 

These are a couple of the things I can achieve with GTM, so let me know exactly what you're looking for and I'll let you know how I can help. 


Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel can seem complex at first, but I find if you treat it more like a Google Tag Manager tool rather than a Google Analytics tools then it will start making more sense. 

Ironically, I do also deploy Facebook Pixel through Google Tag Manager. I have worked on setting up numerous conversion tracking measures via Facebook Pixel allowing for tracking of both sign-ups and purchases in multiple Facebook & Instagram Advertising Campaigns. 


As with all of my work I ensure that everything is being tracked, so I will set up a Facebook Pixel as standard whenever managing you or your client's Instagram or Facebook Advertising. 


Google Analytics
I use Google Analytics as standard with all of my work and as a result, have years of experience with it. I ensure that with all of my work we are not only tracking the relevant data, but are clearly deciphering it to ensure that we have all of the information we need to plot out the next best steps. I tend to deploy Google Analytics using Google Tag Manager (GTM). With GTM I occasionally customise the Google Analytics to track additional KPI's. An example would be Scroll Depth Tracking (A quite popular one that I am asked to set up regularly), and also a project where I had a cookie installed on a user's browser which triggered on a certain page and then filtered that Cookie from a specific view in Google Analytics. This meant, we weren't tracking the traffic that accessed the user area of a site, allowing us to filter out traffic that was clearly already a customer.

These are just a couple of examples of what I can manage on Google Analytics, if you're looking for someone to help you out with yours, just let me know.

Google Data Studio

I have a lot of experience with Google Data Studio. I think that Google Data Studio is a great tool, not just because it allows you to consolidate all of your tracking data into the one report (which is great, because nothing is more annoying than constantly switching tabs for data); but it also allows for Data Blending, which allows me to combine certain data to identify various potential issues, or report on certain progress. 


An example would be a Google Data Studio Report where I blended Sales data reported in Salesforce matching it to relevant UTM Tracking that reconciled with specific Google Ads data. This allowed us to perfectly match the business' income with Social, Paid and Organic Traffic data to identify which channels were producing the best results and refocus budgets. This lead to a higher ROI in a matter of months.  

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