Freelance Videographer and Photographer 

As a freelance videographer and photographer with my own capturing editing team I can produce stunning visuals for you or your client. 

With a background in digital marketing we can create tailor-made visuals to accomplish any digital content goal. From boosting organic Facebook Traffic to showing off great content on your Instagram. We can help.  

Freelance Video Editing

With years of experience in Videography, Photography and editing we can create anything between short little social media films to full length films. Although, we tend to stick to the short clips! 

Utilising both Aerial Drone Videography as well as Traditional Ground filming we can capture all kinds of great angles and then stitch together the content to create something with a truly professional, high quality feel to it. 

This is perfect when you’re trying to sell a service or product and specifically generates a lot of interest in the property sector.  


Fully Insurance, CAA Certified Drone Pilot

To fly a drone commercially in the UK you need what is called a PFCO. To obtain one of these you need to train at a certified Flight School, pass a theory exam, write an operations manual and then pass a practical flight test. All of this just to fly a plastic drone? Yeah, I know… 

Although this sounds pretty excessive, rest assured, anybody that has gone through this gruelling training knows what they’re doing when it comes to flying a drone. 

Additionally, we are fully insured. So if you’re conducting your own risk assessment, feel free to cross that one off the list! 


Property Photography & Videography

The combination of aerial and ground photography and videography makes for some great real estate photography. 

It has been proven that many high-end, luxury properties are sold based on the interest that they generate online through their photos and videos. In fact, I know of a property that was sold in the millions to somebody that had only viewed it via a 360 degree tour. 


Event Photography & Videography

Marketing for events is a lot of fun for us. A lot hinges on the visuals that you can deliver in an effective marketing campaign, usually executed on social media. 

In order to generate the buzz needed to fill the event space those visuals need to appeal to what makes customers want to buy a ticket in the first place. Video and Photography can help here. 


Product Photography & Videography

Have you ever come across a product you’ve really wanted on a website you have never purchased from before but been put off by old-motorola phone quality picture?

I sure have, and this highlights the importance of high-quality product photography and videography. This will help build trustworthiness in your brand as well as your product. 


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