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Hi! I'm Harry! You can find a little more about me on the about page but just to give you a quick intro. I am a Digital Marketing Freelancer producing greats results using, PPC, SEO and Social Media Marketing.

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Freelance marketers are much more flexible and aren't confined to strict processes that their superiors set.

Me... I said that. Freelance SEO'er


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Search Engine Optimisation


Pay Per Click

Social Media

Mainly Facebook and Instagram

Wondering what experience I have?

For a long time, I always wanted my own ‘business’. I set up a media production company and ran it more like a business and less like what it was, an individual with a drone, a camera and video editing software. In hindsight, I feel like I would have gone further if I stopped referring to the company as ‘we’ and more as ‘me’.

I enjoyed marketing the business more than any other aspect of running it. So I taught myself everything I needed to know to market the business and make it profitable. Now, I excel at the digital marketing, but mainly, I enjoy it. It’s a dream come true to work with a variety of businesses and make them all money.

More About Me...
What other people say…

Harry has been invaluable to our company, he has increased our revenue and been so helpful with answering our questions.

Deborah BrownStrouden Joinery

Harry has provided excellent help with all of our marketing but especially with our PPC and SEO. It's great just dealing with him for everything.

DominicVertigo Events

Why Choose Me?

My Work


You only have to deal with me, you’ll have my direct mobile and email address and I’ll tell you everything that I do in my work.

Business Experience

Having previously owned a business, I understand that the difference between a successful and failed campaign – is the bottom line.


I base my opinions on my work by the results that I produce for all of my clients. I am confident that you’ll find the results invaluable and my methods effective.

Great Value

My prices reflect how much of my time the work involves. Unlike with agencies when you pay them, you’re also paying the wages of other team members that you don’t utilise.

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