Pay Per Click (PPC) Freelancer

As a PPC Freelancer, I can manage and construct every aspects of a PPC Campaign from the general optimisation of the budgets to the conversion rate optimisation on the landing pages.

Google Ads & Microsoft Ads Expert

I have worked with Google Ads for many years. In fact, it was my first paid advertising platform I ever taught myself. Since then I deal with over £70,000 per month in Google Advertising Spend for clients.

I have a lot of experience with Microsoft Advertising too. I deal with roughly £96,000 per year of Microsoft Advertising spend. I found that a lot of the Google Ads knowledge I possess is transferable to Microsoft Advertising.

Campaign and Ad Group Adjustments

I have a lot of knowledge in understanding figures and graphs. This allows me to work out the perfect bid strategies, budgets, and location settings to optimise client budgets.

My preferred method of setting up is to categorise similar keywords in their respected Ad Groups. I then set a Maximum CPC at the Ad Group level, this is usually set at the highest margin closest to the breakeven Max CPC, this is because I further refine Max-CPC at a keyword level to broaden the margin. 

Keyword Level Adjustments

I analyse individual keyword data mainly surrounding the Avg. CPC and Conversion Rate data to work out what the ideal Max-CPC should be set at to reach an achievable profit margin per keyword. On an ongoing basis I am always refining these figures and am also building 

Split Testing

Usually, I deal with Split Testing when testing different Ad Copies out. I have also ran A/B tests when testing out multiple strategies as well. I find these tests useful when making further refinement on clients campaigns. 

Landing Pages

Landing Pages are so important to paid advertising. I can build all sorts of landing pages strictly tailored to convert any form of traffic that the campaign is driving through the marketing funnel. 

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Many might disagree, but I believe that conversion rate optimisation is not just specific to the landing pages. Putting budgets into the right keywords and having the right Ads showing for the right search phrases also help conversion rates. I have a lot of knowledge optimising conversion rates on client’s campaigns, both through changes made at the Ad Level as well as the Landing Page level. Split testing helps me a lot here. 

Google Ads Accredited

For many consecutive years I have passed the Google Ads exams and am accredited. I have always scored over 90% in the exams and pride myself on the fact that I don’t use cheatsheets. I use these exams as an indicator that my skills in PPC are still on point, so using a cheatsheet would therefore not be a realistic reflection on my abilities, for my own benefit. 

Why do you need a PPC Freelancer?

The difference between a good PPC campaign and a bad PPC campaign is the manager. Bad management of the campaign can lead to money being thrown down the drain. Paying for a ton of traffic that doesn’t pay you back. A good manager will find out what traffic won’t do that and target the right traffic. The Google Ads console has many features that allow you to change who you target.

In addition to having a great PPC account manager (like me). A focussed landing page is also really helpful to create a successful advert. A landing page can reduce the cost of the advertisement, whilst turning over more conversions at the same time. I consider them to be so pivotal and effective, that I offer them as apart of all of my packages for completely free!

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