Social Media Marketing Freelancer

As a Social Media Marketing Freelancer I can work on organic profile growth of social media profiles, as well as manage paid advertising campaigns. With a majority of experience in Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram advertising. 

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is the standard in Social Media advertising, but not necessarily the best option. In any case, I can organically grow genuine followers on Facebook Pages and run very in-depth, high converting marketing campaigns. I also have a lot of experience with Facebook Pixel as I ensure that I track all of my work to demonstrate value and your return on investment. 

Facebook Advertising

Currently, my highest ever conversion rate was achieved on a Facebook Advert. With a £1.06 Cost-Per-Sign up on a SaaS company’s advertising campaign.

That’s £1.06 per new client!

I have experience with almost all forms of Facebook Advertising.

Facebook Profile Management

I have put together many strategies to grow an organic following for my clients on Facebook. The creatives that my team put together are of amazing quality and trend quite often. 

The team and I have put together a video accruing just under 100,000 views and generated many bookings.  

Content Creation

Social Media management tends to rely on the quality of the content that is being shared. Content creation is not my area of expertise, so I, therefore, expanded the team to involve more creative-types in my line of work. Their services will be available throughout any of the work we do together and the stuff they product is pretty great! 

Tracking social media campaigns is extremely important to understand just how well your campaigns are performing. I’ve found that the most difficult part of setting up campaigns is making the social media platform and website traffic to marry up. I’ve been working heavily with tracking issues for years now so am confident in creating accurate tracking setups.
Facebook Business Manager Set Up

Facebook is notorious for over-complicating things, the business manager set up is no exception. Having a clean and organised Business Manager set up is really important as you grow your clients so I am happy to get things set up properly. 

Split Testing

I have conducted may split tests on Social Media which have lead to improved results. In fact, I uncovered my highest ever conversion rate (around 80%) from conducting a split test.

Other Platforms

I have had plenty of experience in LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram advertising too. So can put together very in-depth campaigns and strategies to improve followers and conversions. In my opinion, each platform comes with its own unique benefits, so feel free to get in touch so I can get to know you and your business and recommend the right platform for you. 

LinkedIn Advertising

I have had experience with LinkedIn and recommend it for B2B advertising campaigns.  Much like Facebook Advertising a lot hinges on the content creation which is what my team of creatives can take care of if needs be. 

Instagram Advertising

If you’ve read the previous accordions then you’ll notice that I’ve mentioned a lot about the importance of good content, but I can not stress enough exactly how important good content is for Instagram. This app can be a money-making machine, you just need to get the right content in front of the right faces. Fortunately, I’ve had plenty of experience with dealing with this. 

YouTube Advertising

I am looking for more projects that involve YouTube advertising campaigns. YouTube advertising is the platform I have the least amount of experience in so welcome a new challenge in this field. We can discuss me conducting these projects at a lower rate as a result.

Why Facebook?

Facebook is the largest Social Media Platform today. There are over 2.23 billion monthly active users, that’s a huge audience to appeal to! Facebook is literally too big to ignore and if you’re not currently marketing on it, then you should be. With the right marketing strategy, you can build a customer base that you can remarket to again and again for minimal cost. You can also advertise to new prospects through a variety of different but effective methods.

Facebook has been increasing the support for businesses granting access to more and more analytical data allowing more in-depth insights to optimise advertising for maximum results. Sometimes this can be quite complex and a lot to handle, this is where I can step in…

Why Instagram?

Instagram has a high level of engagement per follower (58 times higher than Facebook to be precise). This level of engagement is a marketing dream. Although the amount of users is much lower than Facebooks, this engagement levels the playing field.

 Instagram marketing is more difficult than Facebook’s, to build a large following will require plenty of posting and creativity. Once you’ve built that following a new channel of marketing has opened up for you.

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