Social Media Marketing Freelancer 

My main expertise in freelance social media marketing are in Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram, but I am becoming more and more experienced with YouTube as well. 

I understand that to grow a following organically you need to focus on content creation so I work closely with other freelancers to generate the best content for my clients whilst I take care of the delivery approach. 

On the paid advertising side of things I am in my element, I have run very successful campaigns on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram and take care of all aspects of the user experience with great precision and care.  

How I work…

With social media marketing I find that I need to work very closely with my clients and know their business inside and out. This means knowing when certain events are running and how to generate a buzz for them, keep a continuous stream of content creation on the horizon allowing for an active social profile. 

On the advertising side of things, I can create the full user experience all the way down to the landing pages (if required). All completed tracked using Facebook Pixel.  

Tracking Setup

Landing Page Creation

Organic Profile Growth

Split Testing

Instagram Advertising

LinkedIn Advertising

Facebook Advertising

Content Creation

Content Creation

Sharing relevant and engaging content is one of the best ways to grow your following base on social media. The sort of content to produce varies between businesses but the underlying belief that the best content leads to more followers remains. 

Tracking Setup

For many users, Facebook Pixel is a really complicated tool. Fortunately, I love complicated and can solve any Facebook tracking issues you may have. Tracking is important so you can understand if your social media marketing efforts are paying off. 


Social media marketing channels have really great customisation features allowing you to create great looking and impactful adverts. Social media advertising can be the bread and butter for many businesses, generating hundreds of leads quickly. 

My Recent Freelance Social Media Marketing Work 

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How to Post 3D Facebook Photos

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