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I am an experienced freelance website designer,  with a passion for creating high-converting, quality sites. Despite many people think that SEO and website design could be two completely different branches of digital marketing, they are instead really connected. Combining the best SEO practices with a well-thought-through conversion funnel and a modern and sleek design.

My experience in SEO allows new websites designs to be built from the ground up sticking to best practices. It also allows me a deep knowledge of the user journey. Optimising the user experience and understanding how the user will find the website from search engines allow them to navigate their way to conversion.
This is essential to climb up the ranking.


My usual website design process

 As a Freelance Web Designer for marketing agencies,  the website design process can be completely controlled by you; however, if you would rather I take full control over the project my normal process looks like this: 

Phase 1: Brief Construction

I will arrange a meeting (either face-to-face, or over the phone) to discuss the goals of the website, the branding, learn about your business, other websites you have seen that you like, etc… Once I have an idea of what you’re looking for we can begin phase 2.

Phase 2: Designs

I will construct designs for you to review. These designs will be made in a .psd format and presented to you as a PDF. You can use this time to ask for any amendments to the design to get it looking exactly how you want it before I take the project to the build stage.

Phase 3: Build 

Once you have approved the design I will go to the build stage. This is where I start writing all of the lines of code and start constructing your design onto the server.

Phase 4: Testing 

Once the website has been built I will test the site in a staging area. This mean’s the site is live on a server but can’t be seen by the general internet traffic. I will test all aspects of the website to ensure it is working before publishing the website.

Phase 5: Go Live

Once the website has been built as per the approved design and fully tested. I will begin the go-live process. This is where I can transfer the website onto a server of your choice. Or if you’re choosing to host the website with me, I can simply update your domain’s DNS to make your new website appear.

Freelance web design features as standard

All of my websites are 100% search engine and user friendly. With numerous different build techniques, I can build websites for almost any function and budget. 

Search Engine Friendly

Responsive Designs

Modern and Sleek Designs

Built From Scratch (Optional)


For some client’s I am on retainer to do little website tweaks here or there every month. This is a resellable package and is particularly handy for clients that don’t know how to make adjustments to their website. Usually if their website has been made with code. 

With larger one-off projects, I can build amendments at different phases into the price. Usually these amendments will be during the design phase to save on costs. 


Website Expansion

I don’t always have to design from scratch. A lot of projects I have worked on have just been a ‘spruce up’ where I simply just add some design elements here or there. 

Additionally, I can expand on websites making whole new sections and keeping within the same brand guidelines. 


Website Transfers

Transferring websites can be a complicated process. It does come with its own set of benefits however. If you choose the right hosting provider and the right server, then transferring a website can lead to significant website performance boosts. Both in speed and rendering times. 

SSL Encryption

If the website is hosted with me, then I offer SSL encryption covered within the hosting cost. The standard server I use is also free for anybody paying me on a retainer, with an optional upgrade for a super-fast server for £10 per month. 

For client’s not paying me on a retainer, this will come to £20 per month for the standard server and £30 per month for the super-fast server. 


Recommended Builds

As a standard build, I would recommend allowing me to build a website completely from scratch hosted on WordPress. This ensure that the website has completely ‘clean’ code and runs as smoothly as possible. 

I build sites using Custom Fields, which allows less code-savvy clients to be able to easily update the site to switch our images and text. 


E-Commerce Websites

For E-Commerce sites I would recommend building a site either on Shopify or WordPress (using WooCommerce). I have experience in both of these products, and find that they both have their own pros and cons. If you’re looking for direction on which is the best option for you, then I’d recommend you get in touch

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