Freelance Web Designer

An experienced website designer, with a passion for creating high-converting sites.

Website Design Features as Standard

All of our website’s are 100% search engine and user friendly. With numerous different build techniques we can build websites for almost any function and budget. 

Search Engine Friendly

Responsive Designs

Built From Scratch (Optional)

Modern and Sleek Designs

Fast Turnaround

Hosted on a Fast Server (Optional)


For some client’s we are on retainer to do little website tweaks here or there every month. This is a resellable package and is particularly handy for clients that don’t know how to make adjustments to their website. Usually if their website has been made with code. 

Website Expansion

We don’t always have to design from scratch. A lot of websites just been a ‘spruce up’ where we simply just add some design elements here or there. 

Additionally, we can expand on websites making whole new sections and keeping within the same brand guidelines. 


Website Transfers

Transferring websites can be a complicated process. It does come with its own set of benefits however. If you choose the right hosting provider and the right server transferring website can lead to significant website performance boosts. Both in speed and rendering times. 

Our Website Design Process

 As a Freelancer the website design process is completely controlled by you; however, if you would rather we take full control over the project our normal process looks like this: 

Phase 1: Brief Construction

We will arrange a meeting (either face-to-face, or over the phone) to discuss the goals of the website, the branding, learn about your business, other websites you have seen that you like, etc… Once we have an idea what you’re looking for we begin phase 2. 

Phase 2: Designs

We will construct designs for you to review. These designs will be made in a .psd format and presented to you as a PDF. You can use this time to ask for any amendments to the design to get it looking exactly how you want it before we take the projcet to the build stage. 

Phase 3: Build 

Once you have approved the design we go to the build stage. This is where we start writing all of the lines of code, and start constructing your design onto the server. 

Phase 4: Testing 

 Once the website has been built we test the site in a staging area. This mean’s the site is live on a server but can’t be seen by the general internet traffic. We will test all aspects of the website to ensure it is working before publishing the website. 

Phase 5: Go Live

Once the website has been built as per the approved the design and fully tested. We will begin the go-live process. This is where we can transfer the website onto a server of your choice. Or if you’re choosing to host the website with us, we can simply update your domain’s DNS to make your new website appear. 


Why hire a Freelance Web Designer over a team?

A lot of our clients are marketing agencies. So having a singular freelancer to help with web design projects makes sense as we can therefore fit nicely into a team. 

With that being said, as Harry H LTD is comprised of its own team. We can therefore offer a full service as any other agency could; and the best part is, you only get charged our flat hourly rate based on the amount of hours that are needed from each team member – Meaning, if you need 10 hours from our designer and 4 hours from our copywriter. You will only be charged 14 hours as oppose to some agencies that charge a flat rate for all web design. 


This allows for flexibility in how we bill our clients, tailoring each price to exactly fit the scale of the desired website; with no compromise. 


How do you build websites?

 The way we build websites is totally up to you. As we work with numerous marketing and creative design agencies our niche is to be as flexible as possible allowing us to mould into a normal member of your team. 

If you would like more direction from us then we tend to stick to the following: 

Content Management System

We tend to stick to WordPress for most of our websites, including many e-commerce sites. WordPress is the world’s leading CMS, due to its easy to use dashboard, great security features and Plugin Features. 

Depending on your needs, we also work with Shopify. Shopify is a great solution for e-commerce websites as it has a lot of payment functionality built in. Shopify takes payment fees and has a subscription charge but for many successful e-commerce stores, the security and ease of payments are worth the price.  

Rest assured, we are here to help if you’re struggling to decide what option is best for you. 

Custom Theme vs Premade Theme

We love building websites from complete scratch, but with this is not always plausible as some of our clients prefer to be able to edit their own website despite not having knowledge of HTML and CSS. For these clients that want to update their website’s themselves with limited code knowledge, we recommend building their website using a Premade Theme. 

A premade theme allows us to keep the costs down and allows for easy editing of the website. 

A custom theme is trickier to make changes with, higher initial cost – but is cleaner and keeps further development and editing options open. 



What timescales do you work to?

With any website design project we will be sure to keep you informed of the timescale before we get started. 

As websites come in all different shapes and sizes and each one poses its own level of complexity. It is quite difficult to tell you exactly how long it can take to build a website.

As a rough rule of thumb, we would say that we tend to get websites completed in a matter of weeks rather than months and providing clients get back to us in a timely manner we would never expect larger projects to take longer than a couple of months.  

The timescales that we will work to will be agreed before the project or payment is confirmed. 

What are your prices?

I quote each website based on the requirements and size of the proposed site. It would be difficult for me to tell you exactly how much your website will cost before understanding how much work will be involved. 

If you would like a tailored proposal and quote, please get in touch and let me know exactly what you are looking for so I can get back to you with a rough idea on costs and timescales before we go into the nitty gritty on what we need to make this site come together. 

Bear in mind, my hourly rate is a flat rate of £50 per hour. This flat rate covers any services that you may want to incorportate into the design, such as copywriting, logo design, SEO work, etc… 

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