Sure Fire Branding Set-Up

Written by Harry

7th October 2020

Sure Fire Brand Inception

Sure Fire is a new investment company that is starting their brand inception early to begin making a presence on the web. They wanted to begin with a simple Logo to get behind so they can start shaping their company around their desired tone of voice. 

For an investment company their branding and message is almost as important as their portfolio gains. So it was important that we put together a logo which appealed to the vision they had in mind. 



Phase 1



Phase 2

Mock up designs


Phase 3 



Phase 1 – Discussion

We needed to gather an understanding of Sure Fire’s long-term goals. This way, we can set up a brand that will reflect their offering and messgae for years to come. 

After discussions it was clear the logo had to be flame related, with enough depth to allow for embroidery onto the uniform and to resemble a strong presence.

The long-term goals of Sure Fire are to be a brand that resembles a diverse investment portfolio and offer its client’s additional exclusive benefits such as membership privileges and venue access. The logo needed to be something that its members could recognise and be stylish enough to associate with their lavish lifestyles.

Phase 2

Mock-Up Designs

These are a few of the initial design that we put together.

On the left-hand side we attempted to incorporate the S of Sure Fire into the logo. The client really liked this idea but felt that the image resembled a swan too much. We had to agree, it does kind of look like a fancy swan napkin at a restaurant, but I guess you can’t blame us for trying? 

The designs on the right hand side were our more in-depth designs, the intention here was keeping in mind the discussion we had regarding the uniform and being a recognisable emblem.

In this case, the client loved design number 2 because of the depth and colour. They did not ask for any amendments as they liked the design so much and didn’t give any suggestions on changes they would make. So instead of moving onto our normal amendments phase, we skipped over this part and put together some mock-ups for them and sent the final files.

Phase 3

The client was so happy with the initial designs that were produced that they did not ask for any amendments to them. We simply skipped over the amendment stage and put together some mock-ups of their logo as well as sent over all of the relevant files. Below are a few of the mock-ups. 

Sure Fire

“You and your team have produced a great logo, at a great price, we are very impressed with your punctuality getting this project over the finish line. We will certainly be back when we fully launch our company to have our website designed by you and to discuss future Digital Marketing plans.”

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