What is SEO?

Written by Harry

11th September 2021

What is SEO?

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is all about optimising your website for search engines (Such as Google), but completely organically (not paying to rank highly). It requires a long-term strategy aiming to maximise your website visibility, through the optimisation of your website. SEO is a method I would recommend investing in as early as possible and continuing to plug away for years to come. I reported in the image below some data that I collected, showing how important is SEO for your website and your business. 

SEO Statistics 2021

Another positive side of SEO is that you can either create a strategy from scratch, or add it in your present strategy. With my SEO services, you are able to do both. I am happy to review your existing strategy either with you or bonding with your marketing team, or to create one from scratch.

Managing Expectations

The issue within the industry is that some companies make promises of quick wins and guaranteed rankings within a short timeframe. This is not only unrealistic but also impossible, as no company can guarantee rankings on Google. Unfortunately, for some people, this is now their expectation to be able to put money in and quickly see money out, SEO doesn’t work like that. SEO is something that businesses should keep working on and be happy if they can achieve two steps forward, one step back result. My recommendation, keep plugging away at it, watch your traffic slowly grow and watch your phone go from 1 call a week, to two, to three, to four, and so on… How long until that happens? No one can say; but keep pushing.

There are numerous businesses competing for that position one on Google, and there are more than 200 ranking factors that Google considers to bring a business on page one. On the other hand, one of the main rules is:
Create your content for your users and optimise their experience, and you’ll be repaid. 

Of course, if it was this simple I wouldn’t be here and my job wouldn’t exist, but this is a general rule useful to give you an idea of what Google cares about. On the other hand, many digital marketers (either agencies or freelancers), just leave behind the Search Engine Optimisation and end up asking the client to pay for traditional Google Ad campaigns or similar PPC campaigns.

I’ll give you an example: how did you find me? If someone didn’t recommend my website, you probably Googled “Digital Marketing Freelancer” (Or similar) and saw me within the first results. I don’t pay for advertising. You did not cost me a penny. I work on my own SEO.

Many clients, when I propose to work on their SEO, tell me that they tried it, but they did not have any result. My second question is: “How do you know?” They answer that they did not see any direct change. Basically, they did not have any measurable data. This is because many people do not track their work, or were making their changes and getting upset that they didn’t see progress by next week.

With SEO it is essential to track the work from day one and see what changes are happening in your visibility and keywords ranking. This is why, from the first day I work with my clients, I install tracking straight away. I want my clients to know what is happening with their business, but especially I want them to know that SEO is measurable.

I know what you are thinking:

“All this website and content development will cost a lot and will take too long”

Not necessarily.  If you know anything of Benjamin Graham (probably one of the best investors of all time), you would know he would advise you not to invest in a stock if you were planning on selling it within a few months. He would also advise, dollar-cost-averaging, where you continuously invest each month, regardless of which direction the stock is heading in, especially if it is down. (Read The Intelligent Investor – I am definitely no financial advisor). This mentality shows a similar mentality to SEO, it is an investment, you should not invest more than your business can’t afford to lose, but it is a prudent marketing ploy to invest into, for the long-term gains. 

Now, if none of this is what you are looking for, and you’re looking to take your £1000 and turn it into £1500+ by next month then it is a good idea running a PPC campaign to reach as many people as possible within your niche or sector. This can near-instantly gain targeted traffic to your site, and get the leads and sales through the door within days. Get in touch or fill up the form below if you’d like to know more. 

Would you like to talk about your SEO strategy? Get in touch!

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